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Five Years of HATE

Dolemite a posted Sep 12, 16

On October 13th we're celebrating five years of HATE on TR!  While we try and find out the real start of HATE, we're "observing" our anniversary on that date because that's when the forums were stood up.  According to resident HATE historian and generally decent videographer (you can book him for your next ganking!), HATE was around at least a month before that, but we can't find a solid date.

For your viewing pleasure, GUILD and HATE taking down Azuregos:


RealmPlayers seems to have face-planted.  All the Vanilla WoW server folks now seem to have a new addon which logs to here:


See our forums for more info on getting the new addon.

Population has gotten low.  Now's the time to invest in the lowbies, which we're actively recruiting; so restrain your inner-EJ and when they're asking a question in Guild Chat, just answer it.

Issyl Congrats guys! Glad to have been a part of the Hate experience for several years. I'll see if I can't make an ...
Pinballwizrd Grats on your 5 year anniversary Hate! GL to a bunch of great WoW people. Pete

Hate allegedly killed C'Thun  Leaked documents from a privateer farming guild indicate that C'Thun is  not dead and just taking a vacation and will likely return in a week and the kill is likely the side effect of potion drinking.  Potion abuse is a recurring problem for the guild according to inside sources.  Several Hate players are to be tested by the Rebirth Gaming Commission for potion abuse violations and extreme nudity.  It is unlikely that the RGC will be able to test or prove anything, but the rapid downing of the boss and reports from several farming guilds means the RGC will be keeping a watchful eye on future reported kills.  A statement was received from Hate guild master Vexul -"I know of no such abuse, but I promise to report anything found during our internal investigation.  C'Thun is dead, I watched it happen, I saw it happen, It did happen!" 

Nathrak Accusations of alleged beastiality ,tentacle loving and climaxation in eyes have risen; investigation yet to be held. So...
Dolemite a Nicely done amigos
Vexul a Post the picture noob!

Hate v Thunderaan

It finally happened! After nearly 200 Garr kills Hate finally has a tank with a Thunderfury! Massive congratulations to Fatsmcgee, now living disproof of his very own binding conspiracy.

For those not following Rebirth recently, since the closure of Nostalrius and Kronos' unfortunate DDoS situation Rebirth's population has exploded, hitting login caps of 1500 and later 2000 the same weekend. The server's new hardware is taking it all in it's stride, aided by some cunning fixes on the part of the dev team, and if anything it seems to be running even smoother than before.

In war effort news, predictions put us around three to four weeks away from the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, with five sceptres currently finished and two or three more on the way.

Dolemite a spam@techitwb.com - just leave this here, it's a honeypot address for spiders - Dole
Nugzlord 200 kills haha. ez game ez life

Nostalrius Ends

Manatee a posted Apr 7, 16

It is with some sadness that I write this post.  Nostalrius is no more, and while it often suited us to paint them as villains, they were in a sense our brothers and sisters, and a blow against them is a blow against all private servers.

Vanilla lives on though, and both Rebirth and Hate will welcome any Nost players with open arms, be they new or returning. We've known for a long time that the only real issue Rebirth had was it's low population, and maybe a silver lining to this cloud is that we'll get to test the truth of that statement again.

Rest in Peace.


dreadlockz Hey mates, dreadlockz is back from nost. Rebirth for ever... hope the population gets a lil boost to 1k+


In an effort to attract more levellers, The Rebirth is running a bonus quest xp event until the AQ gates are opened.

The bonus is optional, and can be set anywhere from 1x to 5x, making this the perfect time to level an alt, either for summoning, or on the opposite faction to gank your horde chums.

Battlegrounds are also popping way more since the patch, and respec costs now cap at 2g50, a massive helping hand for those who want to tank instances and ham it up in BGs too.

See you in Azeroth!

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